Recruitment and Staff Retention

Of all of the processes and procedures an organization must pursue to function as a service provider, none is more important than the recruitment, screening, hiring and training of staff. The Hartford Guides organization has a longstanding history of exploring all available avenues in order to ensure the best possible fit for both position and individual. Accordingly, we draw on all available recruiting sources, thoroughly screen our applicants, hire only those who meet our stringent selection criteria and ensure that they undergo our rigorous training regimen.


The Hartford Guides, Inc., in our commitment to Hartford and Hartford’s citizens, recruits employees through every source available to us, including but not limited to

  • Hartford based community agencies
  • Connecticut Department of Labor
  • Online recruiting sources
  • Newspaper employment ads
  • Networking and employee referrals


The Hartford Guides organization believes that a diverse employee population begins by recruiting from a diverse applicant base. The above approach to recruiting, combined with our commitment to equal opportunity, has produced the following employee demographic profile:
  • Percentage of employee population who are Hartford residents: 50%

  • Percentage of employee population are of African American or Hispanic dissent: 59%


  • All employees must have a high school education or GED equivalent

  • Must clear background checks and be State of Connecticut licensed security officers (this includes state and federal criminal record checks and fingerprint verification)

  • On line background check to include name, address and social security number

  • No physical limitations with regard to standing, walking, climbing, lifting, vision (correctable) and hearing


Apart from the comprehensive background screening through which we place our employees, each candidate must successfully undergo two personal interviews, a three reference direct contact background check and produce documentation of a clear driving record.


We require that all of our employees pass a 10-panel screening administered by an independent, nationally accredited testing service.


In general, the employees selected to serve as Hartford Guides Security Officers are self-assured, knowledgeable, perceptive, emotionally mature, accustomed to an urban setting, possess well developed interpersonal skills and project a presence that suggests all of the foregoing qualities are present. In sum, they should possess the best qualities of both a top flight security officer and an experienced concierge.


Once hired, trained and indoctrinated into our workplace culture, our employees tend to remain with us. In an occupation where turnover rates are estimated to be as high as 400% annually, ours is among the lowest in the industry with an annual average of 26% since 1991. By selecting and retaining only those who are prepared to subscribe to our way of doing business we help ensure that we provide the best possible service to our clients.