Hartford Driven Services

Our Home Field

As a nonprofit organization specifically chartered to serve Hartford, our organizational vision has always been driven by and tailored to meet Hartford’s and our clients’ needs. In response, we routinely provide the following as baseline elements in our array of security services and are proud to provide them under the auspices of our clients:

  • Mobile and on-foot security patrols with direct electronic communications linkage to the Hartford Police. We are the only security organization of any kind that has its own dedicated channel on the City of Hartford’s communications system. Every police radio carried by every police officer in Hartford has the GUIDES channel programmed into it. This has been the case since 1992. Not only does this carry immeasurable operational significance but also is indicative of the level of trust that we enjoy with every level of the Hartford Police Department.

  • In partnership with the Hartford Police, crime prevention programs such as anti-auto burglary and anti-aggressive panhandling activities

  • Roadside assistance service through which we provide auto lockout, jump start, emergency refueling and tire re-inflation

  • Escorts from workplace to parking space, bus stop or leisure activity for those not wishing to walk unaccompanied

  • Comprehensive documentation on a moment-by-moment basis of all security activities.

  • Sponsorship and leadership of SCAN the network of Hartford public safety and private security agencies and HARTSCAN, the jointly sponsored city-Hartford Guides electronic communications link between and among SCAN members and the Hartford Police.

Certainly the performance of security activities is paramount in the execution of any of our contracts. That said, documentation of that performance is critical to ensuring that our clients are getting at the very least what they are paying for. Although quantification of the security function is rather elusive, quantification of activities performed in the execution of that function is a very straightforward process. Our daily activity reports and supporting material are the instruments through which we document and quantify that which we do.
Organizationally, we are committed to and focused on Hartford. This community-based orientation facilitates an interconnectivity between and among our various accounts as well as Hartford Police, Fire and other first-responders. We assert that this network creates an unparalleled security environment in which each of our security accounts is directly and instantaneously electronically linked creating an entity in which the result is truly greater than the sum of its parts.