Our Core Values

As a Nonprofit Organization

We are charged by mission to support the clients we serve through the provision of professional security services to organizations and communities. Accordingly, we are motivated by service, not profit.
Our focus on service is also reflected in the way in which we approach client relations. Our contractual obligations imbue in us a sense of ownership with respect to our client’s goals and objectives. Similarly, we serve not merely as our client’s contract security vendor but also willingly make ourselves available to serve as his security consultant and advisor. In that sense, we offer the commitment, dedication and professionalism of proprietary, in-house security while still providing all of the client-oriented advantages of a contractor.

With respect to security operations and contract execution, we adhere to the following principles:


  • Professionalism –We believe that professionalism begins at the top. We set high standards for ourselves, apply these same standards to our staff at the working level and expect them to think, speak, look and act as the security professionals they are.

  • Thoroughness –Regardless the size, nature or relative significance of the task we expect that it will be pursued comprehensively and to completion.

  • Attention to detail – We consider it essential that operational and procedural detail drive the development of deployment plans, post orders and patrol protocols. Management oversight of the implementation of these directives is applied with similar care and focus.

  • Documentation – Comprehensive, detailed documentation of activities and conditions, on a shift-by-shift basis, has been standard operating procedure since our inception in 1991.

  • Accountability – Ensuring that staff complies with our standards and holding each of them accountable for their actions is how we do business. Management due diligence, follow up and authentication are a matter of routine in our organization.

Finally, we value our professional reputation and standing in the community. It is our belief that through the establishment of the highest standards of professional conduct, ethical behavior and personal integrity for ourselves and ensuring that these qualities manifest themselves in all that we do, we can achieve excellence. It is this professional excellence that is the foundation of our organization and the essence of our reputation and, hence, our standing.