Addressing the needs of the Hartford community.

Perhaps the best way to sum up what The Hartford Guides, Inc. is about is portrayed in our one-sentence mission statement: Enhance communities by rendering security and hospitality services to individuals and organizations. How that mission statement translates into what we do on a day-to-day basis is discussed throughout this website.

A high profile presence that projects a strong security presence.

Important linkages to our community and the organizations that we serve.

Structural and electronic connectivity that provides immediate contact.

Professional, prompt and efficient ‘light service’ to motorists.

Nothing projects security like the physical presence of a well-trained, professionally-equipped security officer.

Mobile and foot patrols that are electronically linked afford highly flexible security coverage.

Hartford's Security & Hospitality Service

Over the years The Hartford Guides, Inc. has grown and adapted to address the needs of the Hartford community. As Hartford has acted to meet a wide variety of challenges, so the Guides organization has evolved to support the increasing security needs of civic, municipal and nonprofit organizations. Today, as an organization specifically designed to serve these constituencies, we look forward to solidifying the partnerships we have developed along the way and forging new ones to meet the dynamic security needs of Metropolitan Hartford.

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