Austin T. Jordan

Austin T. Jordan is the Consulting Director and CEO Emeritus of The Hartford Guides, Inc.
Austin has been with the organization since it’s founding in 1991.
He has over 40 years experience in the areas of security and protective services, nonprofit
management and public administration.

More about Austin:

  • Retired from the United States Navy on twenty-five years service having
    progressed through the ranks from Seaman Recruit to Lieutenant Commander
  • Extensive experience in the operation and management of physical security, information
    security and personal protection programs in a wide variety of high threat environments
  • Highly accomplished in multi-venue, parking facility and on-street security operations
    and inter-agency security coordination
  • Highly regarded by area law enforcement and security professionals as a leader in the
    Hartford-area security industry
  • Bachelor of Arts (Summa Cum Laude; Political Science) Old Dominion University


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