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Periodically we will post a public safety-related topic of relevance in this section. Our intent is to educate, inform and, on occasion, stimulate constructive dialog.

Is Reckless Walking a Criminal Act?

Although it is perhaps a bit of a reach to characterize that which is commonly referred to as jaywalking as criminal, it is an infraction under Connecticut law. 

Connecticut General Statutes, Chapter 943, Sec. 53-182. Use of highways by pedestrians states:

Any pedestrian who uses any street or highway negligently or recklessly or fails to obey the signal of any traffic officer, pedestrian control, sign, signal, marking or device or recklessly disregards his own safety or the safety of any person by the manner of his use of any street or highway shall be deemed to have committed an infraction and be fined not less than thirty-five dollars nor more than fifty dollars.

Something you may wish to consider while taking a stroll, hurrying to your next meeting, simply heading out to do some shopping or for whatever reason you find yourself tempted to cross through traffic at midblock.

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